Read only file system mac usb

External hard drives are important storage media for both Mac and Windows users. Usually, you can read and write to files on an external hard drive on your Mac. But there are chances that this external hard drive shows read-only on Mac.


You may be wondering why you can't write to this external hard drive even though you are the owner of this disk, and more importantly, if you can fix this read-only problem without formatting or not? For example, many people have reported that their WD My Passport external hard drives are read-only on Mac. When you check its disk information, you will find you can only read the external hard drive on Mac. Thus, this post will analyze three external hard drive read-only cases so that you can find a relevant and feasible solution to your problem.

A file system controls how data is stored and retrieved on a disk. There are many different kinds of file systems, and each one has different structure and logic, properties of speed, flexibility, security, size, etc.

If you try to copy or drag files on an NTFS-formatted external hard drive on Mac, you'll be unable to but see the greyed-out no symbol as below. And when you open files on this external hard drive, you will find your documents being read-only. Simply, you can check this by viewing its disk information either in Disk Utility or in the Finder, and here is how. Then, after making sure that it is the Windows NTFS file system that makes your external hard drive read-only on Mac, you can go head to fix this problem.

Try to repair the read-only external hard drive with or without formatting. If you have several important files on this external hard drive, and you frequently swap your work between Windows and Mac computers, formatting this drive definitely is the last solution you would resort to.

The reason is, as you may know, formatting a hard disk will wipe your data out of this drive and cause data loss.

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Then when external drive is NTFS-formatted, how can you fix the read-only drive without formatting? An NTFS driver for Mac should be the most convenient tool for people who want to fix this issue without formatting, because you can work natively and seamlessly on NTFS file system external hard drives on your Mac in a few clicks.

You can also try the experimental method to enable NTFS read-write support with command prompt on your Mac. However, it is not recommended as it is not stable and could result in data loss if it goes wrong. So, use the command line with caution! Warning: Do not use this method as a long-term solution to write to NTFS drives that contain important files. Meanwhile, do not use this method if you are not familiar with the command line, in case that you input a wrong command and cause unexpected damage to your Mac and drives.

Fix External Hard Drive 'Read Only' Error on Mac Without Losing Data

It is possible that you just recently bought a new hard drive and found it is formatted as NTFS. In this case, if you don't have anything important on this drive or you have a copy of a data backup, you can simply format this external hard drive without worrying about data loss.

To formatting this read-only hard drive, you can just go to Disk Utility and Erase it. There are several formats you can choose, and erasing this disk into which file system depends on how you intend to use the drive.To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

I turn my Mac on this morning, and suddenly, for no reason at all, the USB stick is in Read-Only mode with no option to change it. Before any of you ask, the USB drive does not have a little physical switch on it, to change from read only to write. Next, I go to Disk Utility, and try to verify and repair the disk. Sounds Simple. Under First Aid, 'Verify Disk' is the only option that isn't grayed out.

I can't repair anything. And when I click Verify, I get the Error:. I successfully was at least able to backup my files on my harddrive. So, I figured I might be able to reformat it. But then, all of the options for erasing it are grayed out as well.

It's been formatted as fat32 since I got it, so I wouldn't really want to format it differently, as I do have to get on windows occasionally. So, I'm reading up on "solutions" and tutorials all over the net, and can't find a single one that works.

I have a windows laptop, and tried some of them on there as well, much to my impatience for the inferior system.

Of course, all of the tips involve all sorts of regular windows cryptic BS and whatnot. I'm starting to think that it's just a crappy stick, but I still want to refuse to believe it, seeing as I've only had it for a couple of months and worked perfectly until now.

I know they're pretty cheap, but it's the precedence of not wanting to be ripped off. I'm not extremely computer-savvy, so I'd rather not mess around in terminal, but I will if it gets the job done. So, I haven't been able to find one definitive solution to the problem, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

read only file system mac usb

If any of you can't figure it out, or that you find that's it's unfixable, I'd at least like to know what could've caused it, if anything besides crappy construction.

Posted on Aug 11, PM. Aug 11, PM in response to phobosromulus In response to phobosromulus.That is to say, you are not allowed to view anything saved on it before formatting. But the question is: if you click Format disk, your data will be ruined. This post from MiniTool will introduce several useful ways to help you with that; please read carefully. Many people doubt that whether they can read Mac drive on Windows. Some took action: they removed the drive from Mac and connected it to a Windows PC properly.

But after connecting the Mac-formatted drive to Windows, a prompt window will pop up automatically on the screen, saying that they need to format the disk before use. You should click Cancel instead of Format disk when seeing this prompt. That is simply because the formatting action will damage your data saved on that drive. Is there any other way to read a Mac-formatted drive on Windows?

Sure, it is; some effective ways used by other users will be shown to you later on this page. Luckily, the answer is yes. The formatting action is performed to prepare a data storage device including hard disk drivesolid-state drive, USB flash drive, and SD card for initial use. Two of the most obvious results of formatting a hard disk are: deleting data and changing file system. Do you know how to improve Windows 10 performance effectively? The first and the most important thing to do after formatting a hard drive is to recover precious data from hard drive.

Please free download the trial edition to experience this data recovery tool first before you decide to buy it; after that, double click on the setup program to finish installing the software on your Windows computer, on which the Mac hard drives are formatted. Free Download. The recovery steps are basically the same expect that you should select Removable Disk Drive from the left sidebar as mentioned in step 3.

Although the formatting action cannot be canceled once it's done, there are ways to make up for the damage it has done to your data. Click to tweet. A lot of people are wondering whether they can read Mac drive on Windows 10 with freeware. In fact, there is both free and paid software to help people read Mac drive on PC easily, without formatting the disk. How to fix when some files are not showing in external hard drive? You must make it appear in Windows first.Once you get similar messages like the following ones when using the SanDisk flash drive, it means the pen drive becomes read-only and write-protected.

You're unable to edit data, delete files, or save information on this drive, unless you find the fixes.

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Formating the file system of the flash drive can cause the write protection. You can keep writing and reading data stored inside it.

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However, sometimes you might want to use it on a Mac computer. So you format the flash memory stick to make it compatible with the Mac computer. The file system is indeed readable and the stored data is accessible on a Mac computer due to the Mac feature.

However, writing data is not available. The write protection is added on the USB flash drive by default. How do I disable write protection on a flash drive? Here, we offer both Windows and Mac solutions to help you fix write-protected flash drives easily and quickly. The flash drive becomes a read-only situation, and you cannot manage data on it, like copying, deleting or writing the files on the disk.

How to remove the write protection from a read-only flash drive?

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After this, your USB flash drive should now work well. If it doesn't work, you can also follow the next steps to fix write-protected USB drive with Regedit. If you're working on a Mac computer, you also will receive the "Read Only" error on the external drive. On the following steps, we will show you how to disable write protection disk on Mac.

To disable the write-protected disk on Mac, you can follow the next steps to format the drive on macOS:. Check if the drive's permissions are corrupted or not. You can fix the error using Disk Utility. We hope those solutions could help you fix and remove write protection from USB drive on Windows and Mac.

If it still fails to fix out the problem, you should buy a new USB flash drive. Follow the guide to recover files from USB drive easily.To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more If you are trying to do something with a read-only state USB, several things may occur: 1.

If trying to copy something to your USB Drive, get an error notification. If you are trying to format your drive you may get "Write-protected". These means that your drive is in Read-only state. If you need to change this so that you can edit the contents of the drive, you can change the state of your USB drive on Windows system using 'Command Prompt'.

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read only file system mac usb

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About the read-only system volume in macOS Catalina

Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Related Articles. Author Info Last Updated: June 1, Method 1 of Where the pop-up window appears, click on Yes to accept it. And type RUN. Then type diskpart and press OK. It will show all the connected drives including your USB.

The newly connected USB drive should be the last on that list. Or you can find your drive by looking on the size of drives.

Here the current read-only state as "on" means the drive is read-only. It will remove the current read-only state.

It will show the change. My flash drive is in a current read only state but not read only, how do I fix this? Solution 1. Check the physical switch. Solution 2.Disk Copy Pro Buy Try.

Disk Copy Technician Buy Try. EverySync Buy Try. CleanGenius for Mac Buy Try. Phone Transfer. An incompatible file system, faulty permission settings, and unexpected formatting error are all likely to cause your external hard drive to show up as 'Read Only' on your Mac. Luckily, there are solutions to these problems, either by formatting the device, changing settings, or repairing your device. Besides, if you get your data lost during the problem-solving process, you can retrieve your data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Read-Only Flash Drive? How to Remove Write Protection from Pen Drive

About the Author. Reviews and Awards. Don't worry when your external hard drive displays as read-only on Mac. This page includes 3 reliable solutions that can assist you in removing the 'read-only' error from your Mac external hard drive, making it readable again. Pick up any method below to make your device accessible without losing any data now:.

I'm having this problem that my Seagate hard drive suddenly turned to read-only this morning when I connected it to Mac. I could only read and view saved data on the drive, but can't use the data on it.

Thanks very much. Right-click your external storage device, select 'Get Info', and if you see 'You can only read' at the bottom, you are encountering one of the commonest problems with an external hard drive.

When your external hard drive or other external storage devices show up as 'Read Only' on your Mac, you can:. Why can you only read the external hard drive that is connected to your Mac?

read only file system mac usb

There are three possible reasons. Right-click your hard disk and select 'Get Info', if you find the external hard drive in NTFS format, that's what the cause is.

The incompatibility of the file system is the main cause. NTFS is a file system that is optimal for Windows-based computers. Although the Mac operating system allows you to read the files on the external hard drive, you can't write files to it because the way that NTFS writes data to the device is incompatible with the way macOS doing it. Go to the Fix. An external hard drive is subject to the access permission set up by OS X for all files and folders on the system.

When you use the device on another computer with a different OS, the permission settings with it may not be recognized or prevent access to the files on the hard disk. Another common cause for the external hard drive 'Read Only' problem on Mac is the formatting errors of the storage device itself. If you see a warning that says the device is only being mounted in read-only mode while connecting, your hard disk is diagnosed to have formatting errors that prevent you from writing files to it.

Identify the cause that leads to the 'Read Only' error on your Mac from the information above, then follow the corresponding solution to solve the problem with ease.

If your external hard drive is read-only on your Mac due to its NTFS file system, you can fix it by reformatting the device to a Mac-compatible format with Mac Disk Utility. Step 2: In the list of available drives on the left, choose the problematic external hard drive. Then click the "Erase" option in the main window. Step 3: Choose a proper file system and rename your hard disk.

Wait for the reformatting process to complete and then go to the information window, this time you will see the "You can only read" has changed to "You can read and write", which means you can read and write the drive on your Mac normally. Generally speaking, when a storage device shows up as read-only, you can still copy files off of it.

If you cannot view or see all saved data on the drive, don't worry. Step 1. Click the "Scan" button. Step 2.People use external hard drives as extended storage for computers or backup disks for important filesas a result, frequent file sharing, and modification are needed.

If external hard drive suddenly shows read-only after you attach it to your Mac device, it is definitely very inconvenient to use this external hard drive. In this tutorial, I will explain three scenarios you may face and their corresponding solutions. Method 1: Format the external hard drive in Disk Utility. Scenario 2: The external hard drive has read-only permission. An administrator on Mac can set up different authorizations for different users. If the administrator requires all external storage devices to be read-only, you will have read-only access to this device then.

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How do you know if you have read-only permission to this removable hard disk? No matter which way you want to change the read-only state of the external hard disk, you will need the correct administrator password. To turn the external hard drive to be writeable, this tutorial has covered the most feasible solutions.

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